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Profiline cookware is a long-lasting, premium quality, professional line of cookware designed for ease of use to suit your busy life!

  • About Profiline

    Wholly Australian owned and designed to suit the needs of Australia’s kitchens, Profiline perfectly complements our Australian lifestyle and cuisine.

    Proudly Profiline was founded in the commercial kitchen. There was a cry from the chefs for a professional range that could handle the daily punishment of Australia’s busiest commercial kitchens.

    Profiline is a long lasting, premium quality, professional line of cookware with a design based on combining commercial durability, contemporary craftsmanship and dependability.

  • I love working with these pans, they are excellent, hardworking and built to last. These pans are what I expect in my kitchens, professional and tough. Definitely made for a commercial setting, I wish everything in my kitchen was as reliable! Ian Curley Ian Curley Executive Chef
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